Reusable Packaging Directory

The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) has published the online “Reusable Transport Packaging Directory.” Web site:

Recycling Industry Report

The International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER), Albany, N.Y., has published the “IAER Electronics Recycling Industry Report,” including a directory and guide to services and programs in electronics recycling. Call (888) 989-IAER or visit:

Internet Guide

BNA Books, a division of The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., Washington, D.C., is offering an expanded Web version of its “Spill Reporting Procedures Guide.” To subscribe go to:

Video and Guidance Manual

Ohio EPA's Small Business Assistance Office, Columbus, has produced a 15-minute video and guidance manual on environmental management for the auto recycling industry. It is available through the Ohio EPA Small Business Assistance Office at (800) 329-7518.