EPA Best Practices Guide

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, D.C., has published an industrial waste management guide for regulators and the public that identify best management practices for nonhazardous industrial wastes, covering more than 60,000 industrial facilities in the United States. The tools in the guide came from a focus group of industry and public interest stakeholders. To order a free guide, call toll-free: (800) 424-9346 or visit Web site:

Applications Research and Guidelines

Control Instruments Corp., Fairfield, N.J., has published “The Importance of Response Time When Measuring Flammable Vapors in Process Ovens and Dryers.” To order a free copy, call (973) 575-9114.

Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Kenworth, Kirkland, Wash., has published “White Paper on Life Cycle Cost,” a free guide for fleets and owner-operators with suggestions on extending the life of vehicles, including information on how to track and control long-term costs of operation. Visit for ordering details.

Industrial Ecology Guide

Greenleaf Books has published “Perspectives on Industrial Ecology,” which addresses the long-term holistic evolution of industrial systems. To order a copy for $75, visit

Project Management Guide

Fairmont Press is offering Project Management & Leadership Skills for Engineering and Construction Projects. The book, currently in hardcover, costs $98. Fairmont also is offering an energy management CD that includes 1,900 pages of text, graphics and charts for $395. To order, call (770) 925-9388 or visit Web site: