Freed Weed

Despite high fences and locked gates at Canada's Orillia city landfill, six men managed to make their way through to what they considered a treasure: 20,000 marijuana plants, worth about $20 million.

The plants were seized during a massive drug raid in nearby Gamebridge, Ontario, and secretly were hauled and buried at the facility after detectives misled the local news media that it would be incinerated. “We really didn't want to disclose what we do with our drugs,” Detective Sergeant Rick Barnum told the Orillia Packet & Times.

Nevertheless, a few days later after an anonymous tip about massive amounts of marijuana being sold on the street, police found several men scouring the dump and arrested them on the spot.

The police suspect that the men ignored the newscast and illegally entered the landfill after watching the plants be buried. But they contend that burning the marijuana plants would not be efficient — the drug decays pretty quickly when buried.

Source: Orillia Packet & Times