FAST FACTS: Tire Maintenance Tips

  • Conduct a visual inspection of tires before operation. Look for irregular wear in the tread, and examine for bubbles or bumps caused by air inflation or foreign objects.

  • Do not operate vehicle if there are deep cracks or cuts in the tires.

  • Check tires for correct air pressure on a daily basis, particularly on vehicles in constant use. Check weekly on vehicles used less frequently. Accurate tire pressure is found in the vehicle's owner's manual.

  • Never weld or apply heat to parts of the wheel near the tire. Tires should be removed before these procedures.

  • Store tires in a cool, dry place when not in use. Prevent exposure to sunlight to avoid premature aging.

  • To avoid damaging the bead area, do not lift tires through the center with a crane hook. Instead, lift the tire under the tread with flat straps.

  • Avoid mixing tires with differing tread depths on the same vehicle.

Source: Michelin North America, Greenville, S.C.