FAST FACTS: Scrap Tires

  • The U.S. generates 281 million scrap tires per year. The approximate weight of these tires is 5.68 million tons.

  • Scrap tires account for 1.8 percent of all solid waste.

  • 1 heavy-truck scrap tire weighs approximately 100 pounds.

  • 300 million tires are sitting in stock piles.

  • 38 states ban whole tires from landfills; 11 states ban scrap tires from landfills.

  • Number of new products that contain recyclable tire rubber: 110. Number of scrap tire-processing facilities: 498.

  • 84 percent of scrap tires are from passenger cars, and they contain about 10 pounds of steel.

Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) website, Data refers to numbers collected in 2001.