FAST FACTS: Recovered Paper

  • 34,218 million tons of paper were landfilled in 2002, and 47,635 million tons were recovered.

  • Paper and paperboard accounted for 75.9 percent of packaging-material recovery in 2002. Glass accounted for 2.9 percent; metal for 2.6 percent; and plastic for 1 percent.

  • Recovery of old corrugated containers (OCC) rose 4 percent to 23.2 million short tons in 2002. The recovery rate for of OCC approached 74 percent in 2002.

  • 71 percent of old newspapers (ONP) were recovered in 2002. AF&PA has begun adding newspaper inserts in its data because inserts often are commingled with ONP.

  • 33.8 percent of ONP went back into newsprint; 23 percent is exported in 2002.

  • 11,520 million tons of printing and writing paper were recovered in 2002.

  • 33.6 percent of recovered printing-writing paper were exported in 2002; 23.4 percent went into making tissue.

  • 14,782 million tons of old corrugated containers (OCC) were reused as containerboard; 3,945 million tons went into recycled paperboard; and 3,535 million tons were exported in 2002.

  • 9,190 million tons of office paper were generated, and 4,220 million tons were recovered in 2002, which is down from 2000, when 4,545 million tons were recovered.

Source: American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) 2003 edition of statistical highlights.