EPA Campaign Urges Corporate Responsibility

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, D.C., took a multi-corporation approach to electronics recycling (e-cycling) when it unveiled the Plug-In To Recycling Campaign at the International Consumer Electronics Show held Jan. 11 in Las Vegas.

The campaign is part of the EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) that was introduced Sept. 9 to help boost the national recycling rate from 30 percent to 35 percent and to cut the generation of 30 harmful chemicals by 2005 through public awareness about existing e-cycling programs with several corporations.

The EPA is working with electronics manufacturers, retailers, recyclers and government agencies to reduce the environmental effects of electronics throughout manufacturing and disposal.

Dell Computer, AT&T Wireless, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Waste Management's new partnership, Recycle America Alliance, are among the campaign's early sponsors. The EPA also plans to establish partnerships with industry, state and environmental groups.

Currently, Best Buy, Dell, Recycle America Alliance, Panasonic, Sony and AT&T Wireless all are taking back various used electronics from consumers for free, for small fees or for the cost of shipping. Acceptable items include cell phones, TVs, computers and accessories.