Dumpster diving is a hobby that those in polite society would do well to avoid. However, should you find those odiferous metal treasure troves too tempting to resist, at least take time to properly equip yourself before you go under.

Consider the plight of a 41-year-old Detroit trash bin enthusiast who fell asleep while searching for recyclable cans and bottles. The unidentified man was awakened when he, along with the container's load of trash, was emptied into a garbage truck. As the truck began to compact its load, the man used his cell phone to dial 9-1-1. Dispatchers alerted police to be on the look out for all garbage trucks on the road. An officer eventually located the victim by banging on the side of a stopped truck and getting a response. The truck's load was dumped on a driveway, freeing the traumatized trash treasurer with only a scrape on his hand.

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Source: Houston Chronicle