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Driving Under the Effluence

When your car becomes so flooded with garbage that you can't roll down the window without unleashing a torrent of trash, it's time to Simoniz. Witness 53-year-old Yarmouth, Mass., resident Ann Biglan, who lost control of her trash-packed Ford Focus after her cargo of crud jammed the accelerator pedal. According to police, Biglan, traveling in reverse “at a high rate of speed,” backed over a curb, across busy Route 28 and into a light pole, knocking it over. Failing to regain control, she then wove back across Route 28, striking a westbound Ford Explorer and traversing a sidewalk before finally coming to rest against a giant flower pot at a gas station.

In filing their report, police noted “the entire interior of the vehicle was filled with all sorts of trash and rubbish, which covered the complete interior of the vehicle from floor to ceiling, front and back.” But that was only the beginning. Suspecting Biglan may suffer from a psychological disorder, police visited her home, where they discovered two more stuffed cars and a yard carpeted with garbage. Her house had become so full of trash that she could no longer enter through the door, instead using a window.

Oscar the Grouch, who is leading the intervention, could not be reached for comment.
Source: www.townonline.com