Dog in the Dumps

Your friendly, local garbage man can provide the perfect pickup-me-up — that is, if you're a pooch. Late last year, a dog was snatched out of a transfer truck only minutes before the trash was emptied and he was “impounded” 7 feet deep in New Jersey's Edgeboro Landfill.

A landfill worker had spotted the shepherd mix, which was already up to its canines in 5 feet of trash at the back of the trailer. The employee called animal control to rescue the pup, who was not injured, albeit smelly. The dog then was transferred to a local kennel, where the staff no doubt had their hands full bathing the mangy mutt.

According to the facility, the dog remains leery of people. But despite his trials, he has a bit of puppy love for a one-eyed pit bull.
Source: Yahoo! News