customer service

A new customer service plan was initiated prior to Mesa's system changes. The basic plan included creating a database of customer service requests and complaints and generating daily service lists to ensure a prompt response to residents issues and concerns.

Over time, the city has expanded the customer service program to include the following components:

* Customer inquiry cards. Mesa mails 200 randomly-selected customer inquiry cards per month to solid waste customers. The solid waste staff reads the surveys and contacts customers who expressed concerns. Their feedback helps refine the program.

* A recycling hotline. Mesa implemented a dedicated recycling hotline to increase customer responsiveness. The number is located on every recycling bin provided to the city.

* Computer upgrades. Mesa upgraded its computer system to a Windows format to allow customer service representatives to move between the billing system and the customer contact database. This minimizes the time that the customer must spend on the phone.

* Modified customer contact database. The database was implemented to improve productivity information, routing applications and other quality check techniques.