Covering Up The Mess

A look at some alternative daily covers (ADCs) and other products that can help keep your landfill tight and odor-free.

Airspace Saver Daily Cover

Baton Rouge, La.

Product: Tarping system, made from woven high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.

Features: Standard size 2,400 square feet; water-resistant; lightweight; heat-welded to desired width and length; high-tensile web straps sewn over each weld and around perimeter of tarp; and steel D-rings sewn onto each strap every 12 feet and around corners.

AmCon Environmental

Somerset, Ky.

Product line: ADC with woven polypropylene, fire-resistant, 3-inch-wide high tensile straps with a tight weave to reduce water penetration and control odor; landfill piping; fabrics; silt fence; trash fence; and erosion control blankets.

Carthage Mills


Product line: Geosynthetics and services, including multipurpose non-woven geotextiles; woven monofilaments for critical filtration; high-strength wovens for roads and caps; Raugrid geogrids for slope reinforcement; custom factory fabrication; and ADCs custom-fabricated with reinforcing straps and D-rings for lifting and dragging.

Central Fiber Corp.

Wellsville, Kan.

Product: Topcoat, a biodegradable and non-toxic ADC.

Features: Uses a single-bag system applied as a ¼-inch slurry using a standard hydroseeder with mechanical agitation; made with post-consumer newsprint and other recycled materials such as chemicals.

Covertech Fabricating Inc.

Etobicoke, Ontario

Product: C-440 cover, made from HDPE-coated fabric.

Features: Water-resistant; reinforced with nylon strapping around perimeter and in both directions every 12 feet; straps on both sides of the fabric that handle repeated placement and removal; heavy duty D-rings; and optional chain in the hem for added weight.

Engineered Textile Products

Mobile, Ala.

Product: ETP covers, made from woven and woven-coated fabrics.

Features: Standard sizes 50 feet by 50 feet and 50 feet by 100 feet; can be custom-fabricated; webbing sewn onto the bottom with pull-through loops to top, allowing the webbing to bear the weight of the tarp.

Enviro Group Inc.


Product: Formula 480 liquid clay, made from non-flammable, non-toxic and non-combustible material.

Features: Can be used with daily and long-term covers; provides erosion, dust and odor control; used for seeding protection; designed to adhere to any surface or slope.

Environmental Cover Systems

Hutchinson, Kan.

Product: Hydro Terra ADC applicator machine.

Features: Converts waste paper to slurry using a 1,000-gallon diesel applicator powered by a 20-hp diesel engine and a 3-inch by 3-inch centrifugal pump; also available with a 500-gallon system powered by a Honda gasoline engine; can be used for seeding, soil stabilizing and erosion control.

EPI Environmental Products

Vancouver, British Columbia

Product: Enviro Cover (EC), a degradable plastic film made from polyethylene films.

Features: Made in 16-foot-wide rolls; includes the Enviro Cover Deployer; deploys biodegradable film over compacted refuse while distributing ballast in windrows to prevent film displacement; attaches to dozer and compactor blades; available for daily, intermediate and long-term covers.

In-Line Plastics L.C.


Products: Herculine Advantage Cover, Rapid Cover Machine (RCM).

Features: Herculine cover used for refuse containment, odor suppression, and disease vector and animal control; RCM attaches to and is operated by onsite dozers and compactors, and automatically deploys ADC film and deposits soils on the film to ballast against wind uplift.

Landfill Service Corp.

Apalachin, N.Y.

Product: Posi-Shell synthetic cover for daily and intermediate cover and erosion control.

Features: Made from mineral binder, liquid and Posi-Pak fibers, which are non-flammable, non-toxic recycled materials; has a cement-like coating; hardens to an impermeable coating that conforms to the landfill's contours.

New Waste Concepts

Erie, Mich.

Product: ProGuard SB single-bag system, made from polymers and recycled fiber.

Features: Eliminates fine powders and dusts associated with two-bag systems; applied with the ConCover All-Purpose Sprayer (CAPS).

Rusmar Inc.

West Chester, Pa.

Product: AC-667SE soil equivalent foam.

Features: Provides a barrier between waste and the atmosphere; can be used year-round; withstands moderate rainfall; non-hazardous; non-toxic; is diluted in water; uses pneumatic foam units to apply the foam.

Tarpomatic Inc.

Canton, Ohio

Product: Landfill cover system.

Features: Self-contained; reusable; deploys and retrieves large geotextiles over landfill work faces; designed for landfills from at least 50 tons to 10,000 tons or more.

Thor Division, Odin International

Austin, Texas

Product: Thor ADC system.

Features: Standard size 48 feet by 50 feet; can be made from regular, fire-retardant, woven coated and uncoated materials; designed to reduce water infiltration and escaping gas and odor; can be bolted together or can have grab loops attached; and can add panels, loops and pipe.

Danielle Onorato is a Waste Age Assistant Editor.

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