McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Dodge Center, Minn., was inadvertently omitted from the Truck and Body Report [September 1999 issue, page 62]. Waste Age regrets this error.

McNeilus offers a full line of refuse collection vehicles including 12 models with 29 different body configurations.

The selection includes rear loaders available in various sizes and compaction; side loaders for manual and automated loading; bucket side loaders for single and dual service collection; and roll-offs from rigid to extendible. The bodies feature the company's air-to-air activation system, AirWave.

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Steel Recycling * The overall steel recycling rate is about 65 percent.

* If all the 3 billion aerosol containers manufactured and sold annually in the U.S. were recycled, there would be enough steel to make 160,000 cars.

* The electric arc furnace process uses nearly 100 percent recycled steel.

* Of more than 13 million tons of steel and iron recycled from automobiles in 1997, 1.8 million tons were recycled back into the auto industry.

Source: Steel Recycling Institute Pittsburgh