Closing the Lid

MOST PEOPLE ARE HAPPY TO GIVE UP their garbage. Fearful of odors, people immediately bag their items, place them in cans outdoors and shut the lids tight as soon as trash begins accumulating. It's a rare instance — usually only when there's a missed pickup — when the public thinks about where their trash goes or remembers who manages it.

Although the public knows waste management is in capable hands, their gratitude for a job well done goes without saying far too often. So let me publicly thank you for so efficiently managing our waste.

I also am personally thankful that you've let me peek into your operations. Waste Age's editorial staff would find it incredibly difficult to cover the issues, news and trends affecting the industry without your help. As a result of your sharing your knowledge and insights with our staff, the magazine has won more than 40 regional, state, and national editorial and design awards during my tenure.

After seven quick years, however, I am sad to say that I won't be giving you the garbage scoop anymore. This Hawaii girl is moving out West so I can be closer to my family.

Although it's me who's going out like the garbage (quietly but without a stink), I am confident Waste Age will remain in capable hands. Just look at the top-notch team that's in place:

Stephen Ursery will be lending his voice (albeit lower than mine) to the magazine as editor of the publication. He has 10 years of business reporting experience and quickly proved to be a standout when he was managing editor of Waste Age. He and Associate Editor Wendy Angel will have equally good insights into the important issues and trends affecting your industry. And lest you forget, Bill Wolpin, editorial director, will be happy to remind you he is still trucking away on Waste Age. With his more than 21 years of experience covering the industry, Bill will continue to provide his thoughtful guidance to the magazine.

Every facility or person I've met in solid waste management has been welcoming, and I know you'll be equally hospitable to Stephen and the rest of Waste Age's editorial staff. After all, it is only because of the many friendships that I have made, that I have some regret putting the lid on my career covering garbage.

Thanks and aloha,

Out with the Trash Stephen Ursery and Bill Wolpin say goodbye to Patti Tom, former Waste Age editor.