Clinton Administration Supported Redevelopment

The most recent funding for Brownfields site cleanup came from the Clinton-Gore Administration. More than $35 million in grants to help more than 102 communities across the country clean up and redevelop Brownfields were awarded in May 2000.

Additionally, that Administration awarded 56 Brownfields Assessment Pilot Grants totaling more than $12 million to help communities compile information and evaluate the environmental contamination of Brownfields sites. These assessment grants also included provisions to evaluate, protect and preserve “green space” parks, playgrounds, trails, gardens, habitat restoration and open spaces on revitalized Brownfields sites.

In addition, 30 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund grants totaling $20 million to help 54 communities nationwide were awarded in 2000. These “revolving loan funds” provide low-interest loans to businesses in those communities interested in investing in a Brownfields project.

Job Training Grants totaling $2.8 million also helped fund training programs on environmental cleanup techniques in 16 communities. These grants were made in an effort to teach job skills in the environmental cleanup field to individuals living in low-income areas near Brownfields sites.

Since 1993, the former Administration supported Brownfields redevelopment through more than $157 million in grants to cities, counties, tribes, states, nonprofits and educational institutions. According to a study by the Council for Economic Development the revitalization of Brownfields created more than 22,000 permanent jobs and leveraged $2.48 in private investment for every $1 spent by federal, state or local governments.

Brownfields revitalization efforts currently are occurring in all 50 states.