The City Of Atlanta Takes Recycling To The Streets

Atlanta - The Atlanta City Coun-cil and Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI)/Dreamscan Inc. have joined together to expand Atlanta's recycling program.

BFI/Dreamscan Inc. will provide the city's recycling services. The initial steps included de-livering the city's wheeled recycling collection bins to single-family households and in-forming residents on how to prepare the materials for collection. To ex-plain the program, the city mailed a newsletter to the 87,000 households within the city of Atlanta.

Residents can help the state re-duce its waste stream by 25 percent by 1996, through recycling newspapers; aluminum and steel cans; plastic milk jugs and soda bottles; and glass bottles and jars.

After collection, the sorted materials are delivered locally to South-east Recycling Co. (SRC). SRC then processes and prepares the materials for shipment to end markets.

SRC estimates that approximately 90 percent of the city's curbside re-cyclables will be remanufactured within the state. A Dublin, Ga., mill plans to manufacture newsprint from old newspapers.