Haul Talk: Chewed Up Treasures

While some fans search the Internet for sports memorabilia such as hats and jerseys, others look for more personal items: players' trash.

Oakland A's pitcher Tim Hudson's throwaways, which included already-been-chewed (ABC) gum, goatee whiskers and dirt off of his cleats, recently garnered $2,405 in an online charity auction. This was after two pieces of Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez's chewed gum brought in an estimated $10,000. A Topps Bazooka Joe comic based on Gonzalez's ABC gum also sold online for $1,225.

The collection also includes personal items such as wastebaskets and razors from inductees.

Bill Mastro, who owns a collectibles company that has sold treasures such as Michael Jordan's old driver's license for $15,000, says selling such waste is not a new concept. He also has a lock of Babe Ruth's hair, which he has yet to put up for bid.
Source: USA Today