Canada's King

CANADA'S GEORGE RANSOM HAS PLEDGED to clean up his country by officially crowning himself and legally changing his name to — Canada Litter King. His majesty is easy to spot on city streets because he sports an ice cream bucket on his head and preaches his gospel, “Proud Canadians Don't Litter.”

But antics aside, Ransom said he decided to tidy streets and deliver the important message about beautifying Canada after he became disconcerted about the growing amount of litter.

To rally his subjects, Ransom has sponsored a writing contest with six $100 prizes for students age 6 to 18 in Comox, British Columbia, where he resides. Also, he has founded the Proud Canadians Litter Awareness Foundation, a charity dedicated to cleaning Canada. And he has plans for a cross-Canada cleanup to gather an estimated 250,000 pieces of litter and to raise funds for multiple sclerosis, cancer and Parkinson's research.

God Save the King!