Blowers and Spreaders

Blower trucks — Rexius, Eugene, Ore., Finn, Cincinnati, and Blotech, Medford, Ore., are the three leading manufacturers of trucks that can apply materials through hoses onto sites. Rexius has perhaps the largest line of options, including the only reported seeder attachment, which can be calibrated. Most of these trucks now can blow compost, mulch or even soils, depending on the model, hose size and motor capacity. All manufacturers make trucks in several different sizes and price ranges.

Spreaders — Earth & Turf, a division of Millcreek Manufacturing, New Holland, Pa., makes spreaders capable of applying organic materials, used mostly for topdressing. A recent innovation allows an attachment to be placed on the discharge of one of the spreaders so that the machine can apply a filter berm. This machine, based on time trials, can apply filter berms at high application rates, and the berms are extremely even. However, the machine does not work as well as blower trucks over rough terrain, in and around trees, or in other hard-to-get-to areas. For curb applications of filter berms, however, the spreaders could become a leading method of applying these materials in the future.

“We were just trying to figure out a way to use some equipment, which we currently had in our fleet of rentals at some of our customers' yards,” says Wayne King of ERTH Products, Peachtree City, Ga., inventor of the attachment used for the filter berm application. The adaptation is going to market in 2001.