Big Squeeze, The

Balers and container compactors are essential tools when it comes to saving precious space. Here, Waste Age presents a sample of the latest products.

Allegheny Paper Shredders Corp., Delmont, Pa., offers five models of horizontal, closed-end balers ranging from 175 to 1,500 pounds. The balers feature automatic ram cycling, hopper extensions, shear blades, hydraulic door latches and bale-eject slide conveyors.

American Baler Co., Bellevue, Ohio, offers the T-Rex Baler with an 80-inch by 70-inch hopper that processes newspaper, old corrugated containers (OCC), paper, aluminum and plastics. Delivering 339,000 pounds (lbs) of compression force is a 12-inch diameter hydraulic cylinder, which replaces the 10-inch cylinder.

Balemaster, Crown Point, Ind., introduces the Auto-Ty Baler, which is supplied with a 10-inch baler management touch control screen. The screen is programmed to automate baler operation for haulers and materials recovery facilities (MRFs). The screen shows the baler's status such as hours of pump/ motor operation, number of bales formed and oil change intervals.

B E Equipment Inc., Quakertown, Pa., offers the KM CP-55HD Crusher/ Packer, which crushes 55-gallon drums to 3 or 4 inches within 40 seconds for an 8-to-1 compaction ratio, according to the company.

Cram-A-Lot/J.V. Manufacturing Inc., Springdale, Ariz., manufactures downstroke balers, which feature tamper-resistant safety switches, automatic shutdown if the door is accidentally opened, a patented bale-dump mechanism and optional patented front-wire feed guides.

Consolidated Baling Machine Co., Jacksonville, Fla., manufactures specialty baling presses for textile, rubber, and hazardous and radioactive waste industries. The Doorless Raised Chamber Downstroke Baling Press for textiles features a raised chamber (no doors) and bale wrapping. This product is available with a single- or double-chamber with a compaction force of 40 tons to 200 tons.

Excel Manufacturing, St. Charles, Minn., offers the Signature Series of two-ram balers designed to handle recyclable materials such as fiber and non-ferrous materials, and solid waste. The Signature Series includes an 11- or 12-inch main cylinder along with a 150 horsepower (hp) or 300 hp unit. According to the company, its balers can compact up to 24 tons per hour of old corrugated containers (OCC) and up to 40 tons per hour of newspaper.

Harmony Enterprises, Harmony, Minn., makes the System Ten Sixty for baling sheet metal and ferrous and non-ferrous scraps. It is available in 10-, 8- and 7-inch cylinders.

Harris Waste Management Group Inc., Peachtree City, Ga., offers the TransPak Solid Waste System, which pre-compacts and pre-weighs construction and demolition (C&D) debris, yard waste, solid waste and white goods, according to the company. New TransPak models include a platen design, jam release feature, power units and single-stage Harris cylinder with a DuPont Teflon piston.

High-Rise Recycling Systems, Miami, manufacturers vertical downstroke balers, horizontal closed-end and open end balers, horizontal open ram balers and a variety of compactors.

International Baler Corp., Jacksonville, Fla., offers the LD-60-SD single-cylinder baler for small- to mid-size recyclers. This baler maintains a constant platen force throughout the cycle, according to the company.

IPS Balers Inc., Baxley, Ga., manufactures balers including vertical, horizontal closed door, horizontal open-end, patented hinged sidewall closed door, patented hinged sidewall open-end and high throughput two-ram balers. The two-ram line offers a pre-compression lid.

KenBay Compaction Systems, Rochelle Park, N.J., introduces the Wheeliepac. Its compaction arm can compact 8 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards into a 1 cubic yard dumpster, according to the company. The Wheeliepac can take front or rear load dumpsters.

Lindemann American Baler Ltd., Telford, England, a subsidiary of the American Baler Co., Bellevue, Ohio, manufactures heavy duty paper and refuse baling presses. All machines are built as precrushers designed to reduce volume prior to container compaction.

Logemann Brothers Co., Milwaukee, introduces the model 245-AT-5 (R) two-ram multimedia baler in several sizes. Logemann features a standard rotary bale release and produces export container-size bales, according to the company. Also offered are single- and two-ram balers, and custom equipment for MRF's and transfer stations.

McDonald Services Inc., Charlotte, N.C., manufactures the IHD-6030-6 automatic, rear-feed vertical baler, which can process plastics, cans and up to 100 tons of fiber cones per month. The company also offers the 2R-85-12-4-8-BDV two-ram baler for municipalities and commercial recyclers to bale OCC and unrecycled beverage cans (UBCs).

Marathon Equipment Co., Vernon, Ala., offers a closed-end baler to bale corrugated cardboard at rates of 2 tons per hour (tph) to 3 tph, and produces bale sizes of more than 1,600 pounds.The feed opening is 46 inches by 60 inches.

Maren Engineering Corp., South Holland, Ill., offers the Maren72-OE series balers. These continuous open-end balers feature an automatic cycle when the hopper is full, and an optional electric bale tier. They also are capable of producing mill-sized bales. The balers feature up to 100,000 lbs of ram thrust.

Sierra International Machinery, Bakersfield, Calif., offers the Macpresse 112L. This oversized baler is a combination of heavy I beams, a structural channel and an abrasive-resistant wear plate that forms the compaction chamber and an extrusion chamber. The baler includes a Program Logic Computer (PLC) that is preset to match the baling requirements of each type of material.

SP Industries Inc., Hopkins, Mich., offers a precrusher/compactor prior to compaction in a container. The machines are available with 3- to 9-cubic- yard capacities in heavy duty and extra heavy duty designs.

SSI Compaction Systems, Wilsonville, Ore., manufactures the 4500-SPH, a high-density preload compaction system. The 4500-sph pro- duces 35-ton to 40-ton payloads for customized intermodal containers.

Wastequip Accurate, Erial, N.J., manufactures 60-inch vertical balers with standard features such as bale ties, nonlimit switch design, bale-made light, dwell-time electronics, replaceable nylon ram guides, auto-disengage ejector, auto-open feed gate, turn-buckle wheel and side-mount power unit.