Best: Transfer Trailer Turlock Scavenger Co. Turlock, Calif.

Winning Best Transfer Trailer puts the icing on the cake for celebrating 60 years of business. And Turlock Scavenger Company in Tur-lock, Calif., reportedly did exactly that.

When the de-signers were developing a strategy for the Turlock Scavenger transfer trailer's exterior, they asked themselves what kind of design would make customers think of improving the environment. They decided on this yellow, green and blue-colored transfer trailer to represent air, land and water, said Alan C. Marchant, president of Turlock Scavenger Company.

The logo's concept came from the three Turlock companies: Turlock Scavenger Co., which picks up municipal solid waste; Turlock Re-cycling Co., which recycles waste; and Turlock Transfer Co., which transfers the solid waste for disposal.

The company's Ford CLT 9000 reportedly services more than 15,000 households in the city of Turlock and the surrounding area of Stanislaus County, according to Marchant.

"This is the first time the truck's been shown," said Marchant. "What a big win!"