Best: Side Loader: City of Hallandale Hallandale, Fla.

"Hot" describes the city of Hallan-dale, Fla.'s red, white and gold side loader.

Those three letters, which are painted on the city's 10 refuse vehicles, also stand for "Hallan-dale of Tomorrow," a recycling program started by the city manager in 1992.

This White Xpeditor serves ap-proximately 800 residential customers per day on its four-day run. Three of the trucks in the fleet are painted blue, white and gold to provide for an interesting contrast, according to Hallandale Equipment Maintenance Division Superinten-dent Gerald E. Beduch.

Although one of the city's rear loaders won Honorable Mention in an earlier World Wastes Design Con-test, this is the side loader's first a-ward.