Best Roll-Off City of Flagstaff Flagstaff, Ariz.

Kim Podobnik has no idea where her winning roll-off container originated. "Somebody donated it to us and even they do not know where it came from!" she said. Podobnik, coordinator of the city of Flagstaff, Ariz., Clean and Green Committee, doesn't care where the bin came from. She's just grateful it came.

The bin, which was donated for volunteers in neighborhood clean-up projects, was re-painted in 1993.

The 30-yard roll-off's logo was de-signed by Joan Carstensen, a graphic designer who volunteered her services. Carstensen, who won a "Vol- unteer of the Year" award, also de-signed a daisy scene for a 20-yard container.

"If the bins were provided free of cost and dumping fees waived for community clean-up, we believed that more people would participate in the program," Podobnik said.