Best: Public Vehicle: Long Beach, Calif.

Stacy Stephens, recycling specialist for the city of Long Beach, Calif., believes specially painted recycling trucks can serve as rolling billboards.

"They help our recycling program achieve a high participation rate," she said. The city's trucks serve more than 100,000 residential households in Long Beach's curbside recycling program.

Stephens' plan seems to be working: The bright "Recycle Long Beach" logo certainly caught the eyes of the World Wastes judges.

The winning design, which is painted on the city's 20-member fleet, was created by city officials in 1992 to promote their new recycling program. The goal, said Stephens, was to reach maximum visual impact.

"We also needed a body that could handle oil recycling bottles," she said. Today, the GMC trucks feature a Dempster body, which was outfitted with special racks.