Best: Front Loader: Maui Disposal Kahului, Hawaii

While most people would love to take a trip to Ha-waii, Bob Gannon, general manager of Maui Disposal, Kahului, Hawaii, wanted just the opposite. When he was told his company's vehicle was a winner in this year's contest he said, "Wow! Did we win a trip?"

This eye-catching photo, which served as the cover of last year's Maui Disposal Christmas card, turned out to be a favorite among the World Wastes judges.

Truck 205, as it is called, is manufactured by GMC. It's the newest in a fleet of 12 that services more than 1,100 commercial customers on the Island of Maui. The "Trash Busters" logo has been used since 1979. Its design was sparked by the company's desire to stand out in the community.

Gammon said this is the company's first award and it is honored to be chosen. "We're going to get creative with this contest now!" he said.