Bear-proofing Trash

Grizzly bears are testing their might against a tough adversary: trash bins. Jamie Jonkel of the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is testing “bear-proof” trash containers at the Grizzly Discovery Center in Montana. The center houses grizzlies who have a history of breaking and entering various trash bins in the state's parks, and otherwise would have been put to death for their behavior.

“These bears are professionals. That's why they're in here,” says spokesman Randy Gravatt.

At the center, three types of bins were tested, each containing real fish inside and fish scents swabbed onto the outside of the bins. Two containers were easy for the bears to open, but the third bin — with its special lid and spring-loaded latch — proved to be bear-proof.

Several bears, including an 850-pound Kodiak, attempted several times to pry open the container, but to no avail.

During a second test, the third bin defeated another grizzly.

Source: Associated Press