American Waste Systems Profile

Base: Lilburn, Ga.

Established: September 1, 1994

History: Started with one truck, 0 customers Trucks: eight rear loaders (five Auto Car/Heil 5000,three CCC/Heil 5000); four side loaders (CCC/Dou Pac recyclers); three roll offs (Auto Car, K-Pac Hoist); one container delivery truck (GMC/Morgan)

Containers: 95-gallon, semi-automated (Schaefer, IPL, Rehrig)

Waste Management Software: AOL Technologies (WAM)

Customers: 14,000 residential, 50 industrial.

Employees: 30

Service Area: Metro Atlanta (industrial) Gwinnett County (residential)

Services: residential collection, curbside recycling, yardwaste recycling, commercial, front-load will start September 1, 1997.

Tipping Fees: $36/ton

Along The Route: "About 25 years ago, we were a one-truck operator with no spare truck. When our truck went down, we would rent a U-Haul to pick up the routes. One night, after loading empty washer/dryer boxes into the U-Haul at a Local Western Auto store, suddenly, flashing lights and police cars came from every direction. A resident across the street called the police, thinking there was a robbery in progress. When the police ordered us to open the back door of the U-Haul and saw and smelled what was in the truck, they pleaded for us to make a get away."