Red Dwarf, Green Bin

Red Dwarf, Green Bin

In America, we have "Dancing With the Stars." In England, ex-sitcom personalities dance with sanitation workers … violently.

Danny John-Jules, who starred as Cat in the cult sci-fi sitcom "Red Dwarf," spat at one council worker and punched another, apparently upset that the men had not emptied his recycling bin. The dispute broke out in front of the 47-year-old actor's northwest London home after workers Jaroslaw Lisiecki and his son Jan repeatedly refused to empty the bin, which contained polystyrene. John-Jules was found guilty of two counts of battery and will be sentenced in November.

In a related story, Dr. Who has petitioned the city of London for permission to compost inside his TARDIS time machine, given its effectiveness at accelerating the process.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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