Freshening Up

Since you're reading this column, hopefully you've noticed by now that our magazine has a new look. If you haven't, perhaps it's time for that morning cup of coffee (or maybe it's time to take a load off and have that evening drink — whatever the case may be.)

Our mission has not changed: Each month we strive to publish practical information in a concise, easy-to-read format to help our readers better manage their operations. But our look has changed — dramatically.

Working with our editorial staff, Art Director David Ramares has labored long and hard to develop a more modern, open and cleaner design. “We wanted a look that was easier on the eyes, that was more visually inviting to the reader,” Ramares says. I'd say David has met our goals — and then some.

Waste Age still is organized in much the same way: we open with “Tip Off,” which presents the news of the previous month, and then move to the “Legal Lode” and “Circular File” columns. “Trends” follows, and then it's on to the features.

You will notice a big difference in the Products section. Instead of summarizing the items in paragraph form as before, we now summarize the products' key characteristics in bullet-point form. Like the new design, this was done to increase readability. In the months ahead, we also will be introducing various new components to “Tip Off.”

Our redesign is part of our continuing effort to better engage and serve our readers. During the past year, we have, in conjunction with the Waste Equipment Technology Association, unveiled an online buyers' guide called the Waste Industry Marketplace, which is available at We also have developed The Heap, a staff-written blog that provides insight and analysis of the day's news (the blog can be accessed at our portal

To comment on our redesign or to make suggestions about how we can further serve our readers, please e-mail me at
Stephen Ursery, Editor