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NWRA Chapter Testifies in Favor of Slow Down To Get Around Legislation in Conn.

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NWRA has been advocating in states across the country for such Slow Down to Get Around laws.

The Connecticut chapter of the National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) testified before the state legislature’s committee on transportation and offered strong support for CT House Bill No. 6502. The chapter also thanked Representative Mitch Bolinsky,106th General Assembly District, Newtown, Sandy Hook, for sponsoring the legislation. 

House Bill No. 6502, if passed, would require motorists to move over and exercise due care around waste and recycling trucks. Motorists will be accountable for endangering workers’ lives when unsafely speeding by waste and recycling workers doing their jobs.

NWRA has been advocating in states across the country for such Slow Down to Get Around laws. The association’s Connecticut chapter has worked with legislators and is at work building a coalition of industry companies, labor groups and municipal leaders in getting the worker safety measure

on the books.

“2015 US Department of Labor statistics show trash and recycling collection workers to be number 5 in the most occupational fatalities, my bill seeks to save lives by helping municipalities and waste and recycling companies get off that top ten list,” Bolinsky said in a statement.  

“This law is about the safety of waste and recycling collectors who serve our communities statewide,”

NWRA Connecticut chapter chairman Mike Paine said in a statement. “With this measure, there will be a specific law on the books that all CT motorists are to move over, exercise caution and slow down to get around waste and recycling vehicles. This will save worker lives and prevent untold worker injuries and property damage.  When finally passed the association’s focus will turn to raising awareness and educating CT citizens of the dangers collectors face daily and to encourage motorists take extra caution around our vehicles.”

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