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New Plan Would Significantly Increase Tipping Fees in Michigan

The state landfilling surcharge would rise from 36 cents to $4.75 per ton.

The State of Michigan is considering a proposal that would increase tipping fees at state landfills in order to raise money to clean up polluted properties and maintain water quality, among other endeavors. The proposal would raise approximately $79 million each year.

The proposal, named “Renew Michigan,” would increase the state landfilling surcharge from 36 cents to $4.75 per ton. Such an increase would put Michigan’s tipping fee on par with Ohio and above Illinois and Indiana.

Increases in tipping fees have been proposed by Michigan Democrats in 2006 and 2009, but such proposals have failed to be approved in the state legislature.

MLive has more information:

The proposal would have to clear the legislature, which doesn't have a bill yet. If past is prologue, it could be a tough sell with Republican lawmakers who have opposed hikes on waste disposal because the increased costs are generally passed on to ratepayers.

Snyder's office estimated the average household would see a $4.75 annual increase in the cost of trash pickup under the proposal.

Business groups have also opposed higher tipping fees, although affected industry members say they're waiting for details before taking a position.

"We've generally been against that kind of proposal, largely because those fees go, in part, to fund local residential recycling," said Mike Johnston, spokesperson for the Michigan Manufacturers Association.

Read the full story here.

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