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Bill to Delay ELD Mandate Fails

Late night vote in House of Representatives scuttles effort to put off ELD implementation for two more years.

A bill introduced in July by U.S. Representative Brian Babin (TX-36) to prohibit funds from being used to implement or enforce the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate scheduled to go into effect on December 18 failed to pass in the House of Representatives last night.

“The chair put the question on adoption of the amendment [to the members] and by voice vote announced that the noes had prevailed,” according to the Office of the Clerk.

Industry advocates for the ELD mandate, especially the American Trucking Associations(ATA) trade group, cheered the results of the late-night vote

“ATA has supported, and will support, this important regulation,” noted Chris Spear, the group’s president and CEO, in a prepared statement.

“Congress has now voted a fourth time to move forward with electronic logging of the existing hours of service information required for decades,” he added. “Make no mistake, the time for debate about electronic logging is over, and we’re pleased that Congress has rejected this ill-conceived effort to delay their implementation. [The] vote should end what is left of this debate so our industry can carry on with the business of complying with this regulation.”

This story originally appeared at Fleet Owner

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