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Former Rizzo Environmental Services CEO Accused of Intimidating Witnesses

Chuck Rizzo, who pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud, may be sent to prison before sentencing.

Chuck Rizzo, the former CEO of Rizzo Environmental Services, is in trouble with federal investigators for allegedly intimidating witnesses in an ongoing public corruption investigation.

Rizzo had promised a judge that he would not contact any government witnesses, and allegedly breaking such a promise could tarnish any goodwill he had created through cooperation with the investigation.

Rizzo pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud in November 2017 after being inducted on almost two dozen charges in June. The former CEO had bribed several government officials in exchange for preferential treatment in waste contracts.

His sentencing isn't scheduled until March, but federal investigators are now calling for Rizzo to be sent directly prison in order to prevent any further tampering. Rizzo's attorney refused to agree with the request, and a judge has yet to rule.

WJBK has more:

The winding road of tarnished former trash titan Chuck Rizzo's path to prison has taken another turn.

After he was busted for bribery, Rizzo agreed to wear a wire - then he stopped cooperating before he agreed to cooperate again. Now he could be in big trouble for allegedly breaking his promise with a judge.

Rizzo helped federal investigators arrest corrupt public officials he bribed to support giving government contracts to his garbage hauling business.

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