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Leachate Spills at King George Landfill

A leachate spill at the King George Landfill in Virginia has led to a rise in odor complaints. A driver of a waste truck left the valve open on a tank, and leachate spilled into the containment area, according to a Waste Management spokesperson quoted by The Free Lance-Star.

Here are more details:

The tanks sit on a concrete base, and the containment area is similar to a concrete swimming pool.

“No leachate spilled on the ground,” Kardell said. “There was no environmental impact to the area.”

But apparently, there were plenty of unpleasant smells that night, based on comments from landfill neighbors.

At 10:21 p.m. Monday, resident Daniel Wisniewski emailed Brabo and David Howard, district manager at the landfill, to say the “dump smell is kicking. Definitely a strong smell from the dump at this time.”

Resident Gary Carrer also commented Monday night that “the air is unbreathable outside right now.”

Read the full story here.

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