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Waste Management Addresses Odors at Landfill in Perinton, N.Y.

The company held a town hall meeting on Tuesday night to address community concerns.

Waste Management held a meeting with the community of Perinton, N.Y., on Tuesday night to discuss odor-related problems with the High Acres Landfill. Perinton citizens had reported strong odors from the landfill beginning in September of last year.

Director of Local Disposal Operations Steve Poggi cited multiple causes for the odor, including increased precipitation and a change in the gas release technology used.

The company says it’s addressing the issue and will provide recommendations to the Perinton Town Board later this month. The board, meanwhile, plans to petition the State Department of Environmental Conservation for closer monitoring of gases from the landfill.

Spectrum News has more information:

"We moved here from the city, we never had these issues in the city and now even our dog doesn't want to go outside it’s so bad. When we have parties in the summer, we have to be inside. It's frustrating,” said Jackie Cushman, of Perinton.

According to the Fairport Central School District, the smell even affected local classes.

"My older son is ten, and he did say he smelled it at the playground,” said Colleen Sousa, of Perinton. “I asked him if he smelled it at school, and he said ‘yeah, there are days that it just stinks.’ He said ‘I don't know what it is mom, but it stinks.’"

Read the full story here.

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