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Brunswick’s Boat Manufacturing Facility Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill Designation

With a focus on sustainability, Brunswick Corporation’s boat manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, IN has achieved the Zero Waste to Landfill status.  

The facility has demonstrated that 90% of its waste materials are being recycled, reused, or otherwise eliminated. The facility exceeded the requirement with a 97% diversion rate.

To achieve the Zero Waste to Landfill status, the facility reused scrap on-site to build materials that are used in shipping new pontoons; designed new cutting patterns to yield more usable material and less scrap from each aluminum sheet; and installed a new air compressor system to power the factory’s equipment and tools, saving nearly ten million gallons of water.

In addition, they developed a task force charged with achieving the Zero Waste to Landfill designation.

Read the original story here.

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