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Integrated Waste Solutions Group Opens Landfill in Texas

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AUSTIN, TEXAS  — Integrated Waste Solutions Group, LLC (IWSG) is pleased to announce the opening of its 130 Environmental Park (130EP) landfill in Caldwell County, Texas, bringing a new state-of-the-art Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill to the region for the first time in
approximately 30 years.

“We are pleased to announce the opening of this facility -- designed with the latest in engineering technology -- as the next step in our vertically integrated solid waste business strategy,” said Michael
Lavengco, CEO/President of IWSG. “We continue to be focused on expanding our overall ‘Hub and
Spoke’ business model for Central Texas and beyond. By using a disposal site as the ‘hub’ and adding
transfer stations, recycling capabilities and collection operations as the ‘spokes,’ we complete the vertical
integration of the business and offer a full range of services to customers.”

Having just celebrated the one-year anniversary of IWSG acquiring Central Texas Refuse (CTR) and its
agreement with Green Group Holdings to acquire 130EP, these transactions were made possible by
funding from NOVA Infrastructure, OPTrust, and Green Group Holdings. IWSG is poised to continue its
growth strategy and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of national and regional solid waste
opportunities as they arise.

130 Environmental Park (130EP) is the permit holder for a Type I MSW Landfill Facility issued by the
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). 130EP is a mixed-use development of more than
1,200 acres in northern Caldwell County that is located east of SH 130 and north of FM 1185.

The landfill segment of the development includes approximately 500 acres. Subsequent phases will bring
facilities for education, community use for local organizations, processing of recyclable materials, and an
industrial park. According to Lavengco, “This is a highly engineered, environmentally friendly waste
management facility that provides good paying jobs to the region and new business opportunities for local
contractors and service providers.” 130EP has the potential to handle increased volume annually over the
life of the facility. Estimated life of the facility is in excess of 25 years.

The 130EP facility has received permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Caldwell County, as
well as authorization from the TCEQ to recycle various types of materials from construction projects in
the area. The Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) also concluded 130EP to be consistent
with the Regional Solid Waste Plan developed to encourage and implement the Solid Waste and Recycling
goals for the Central Texas area.

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