FuelCell Energy to Launch Landfill Gas to Energy Project in Canada

FuelCell Energy Inc. will develop a demonstration landfill gas-to-energy plant using gas from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia’s landfill.

The Danbury, Conn.-based FuelCell will develop a tri-generation stationary fuel cell power plant near Vancouver, the company said in a news release. Vancouver-based Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc., the prime contractor, will clean up the landfill gas, which will be used by the fuel cell power plant to generate multiple revenue streams, including clean electricity, usable heat and renewable hydrogen.

Delta, British Columbia-based Village Farms International Inc., a hydroponic greenhouse operator, will take the supply of hot water heat, and renewable hydrogen also will be exported for vehicle fueling or industrial applications.

The city of Vancouver’s landfill has an advanced gas collection system in place. FuellCell said it expects power production to begin in early 2014. A successful project demonstration could lead to other projects at the Vancouver landfill or other landfills, the company said.


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