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Shortage of Class-A Drivers Impacting Cobb County, Ga., Waste Collection

One sanitation company left an apology for its customers.

Due to a shortage of class-A truck drivers to operate the 18-wheelers that haul trash from transfer stations to local landfills, Cobb County, Ga., is dealing with a bit of a backlog. Trash is piling into transfer stations faster than it can be hauled out, affecting area residents.

WSB-TV in Atlanta has the story:

When you combine the shortage of class A truck drivers with recent wet weather, the result is trash stations that have overflowed or shut down altogether.

Thus, residents such as Veronda Carter began to see delays in residential trash pickup.

“This is the first time that I’ve been out here that the trash is stacked to the ceiling,” Carter told Willis. “You can see the trash from the street.”

One sanitation company left an apology for its customers.

As the problem continues to get worse, CEI is working to recruit more drivers and on-site managers from out of state.

Read the full story here.


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