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May 1, 2005

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Trashy Family Feud

Wendy Angel

Sometimes taking out the trash can be a family bonding experience. Two garbage collectors were treated at a local hospital after they allegedly were attacked by a family in South Philadelphia, according to the local CBS affiliate. Police say that Eugene Dykes became irate after garbage collectors refused to wait for him to bring out his trash for collection. As the garbage truck passed the house, Dykes reportedly starting throwing trash bags at the truck and had a heated exchange with the workers. Police say punches ensued, and the man's wife and two of his sons joined the melee. The truck's female driver, who was not involved in the altercation, called police as three unidentified neighborhood men joined the fight. One of the workers received stitches on his lip, and the other had facial bruises and two black eyes.

All four family members were charged with a few criminal offenses, including aggravated assault. Who knew trash collectors had to bulk up like Rocky?
Source: Kyw.com

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