Additional efforts are underway to combat PFAS as the environmental impacts of these chemicals are explored. Learn more about this and other topics in this week's top stories.

February 10, 2023

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Alabama Couple Takes Waste Transfer Station Nuisance Case to Federal Courthouse

Barry Shanoff

The Alabama couple said the attack on their home was unrelenting. They did their best to cope with it. The assailants: noise, odors, debris and scavenger birds that made it hard to breathe, sleep and generally live a relatively normal life. The source: a nearby solid waste transfer station.  


374Water Tech Severs Carbon Bond in Organics

Arlene Karidis

Clean tech company 374Water has developed a way to leverage the properties of water at high temperatures and pressure to destroy poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other emerging contaminants. Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) breaks organic material down to its elemental parts, severing carbon bonds.


Lithium-ion Battery Fires Continue to be a Growing Threat to the Industry

Ryan Fogelman

You cannot read the news without hearing a story about a lithium-ion battery fire incident that occurred in a high-rise building, electronic vehicle (EV), laptop on an airplane, vape in someone's pocket, a fulfillment warehouse and, of course, in a waste and recycling facility.


VLS Environmental Solutions Acquires SRE Environmental, Expanding Wastewater Portfolio

Houston-based VLS Environmental Solutions has solidified the acquisition of SRE Environmental. Phoenix-based SRE provides commercial and industrial wastewater management solutions nationwide.


What the Hole in the Ozone Layer Tells Us About PFAS

EREF Staff

In the 1920s, refrigeration and air conditioning systems used compounds such as ammonia, chloromethane, propane and sulfur dioxide as refrigerants. However, the compounds were toxic and flammable, which made them dangerous.


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