This Week in Waste: Top Stories December 11 to December 14

This Week in Waste features stories covering acquisitions, recycling misconceptions, and plastic farm waste.

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

December 15, 2023

#5 - Innovators Speak Up at INC-3 Plastic Treaty Negotiations

In this Waste360 Q&A, Peter Wang Hjemdahl, co-convener of the Innovation Alliance for a Global Plastics Treaty (IAGPT) and co-founder of rePurpose Global, discusses highlights, including points of contention. And he explains how innovation and technology can fit into the picture of a working plastics pollution solution.

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#4 - EQT Obtains Majority Stake in Heritage Environmental Services

The company operates 37 regulated facilities strategically located in key industrial hubs, managing approximately 660 thousand tons of industrial waste annually for over 1,800 customers.

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#3 - What is “Real Recycling?”

Ryan Fogelman highlights a misconception among Americans that their recyclables, such as aluminum cans and paper, contribute significantly to recycling efforts when, in reality, they make up less than 10 percent of the total tonnage that gets recycled.

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#2 - Waste Connections Purchases Secure Energy Services Assets, Expands in Western Canada

Toronto-based Waste Connections acquired energy waste treatment assets from Secure Energy Services in a nearly $800 million transaction.

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#1 - Netafim Targets Plastic Farm Waste

Driplines come with tradeoffs. They are made of a thin polyethylene (PE) and last for only one crop rotation, leaving a heaping pile of trash at the end of each season. With that thought, Netafim USA, makers of drip irrigation technology, figured out a way to recycle the material, creating a continuous loop where farmers can maximize resources.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

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