January 1, 1998

1 Min Read


Test Your Compost Knowledge 1. Composting piles smell bad. a. true b. false

2. How many composting facilities operate in the United States? a.500 b. 1,000 c. 2,000 d. 3,000

3. Compost controls water pollution by: a. tying up nitrogen and other excess nutrients that would otherwise go into runoff b. acting as a "biofilter" - as air and water are passed through it, the compost locks up heavy metals and other pollutants and lessens odors c. retaining water, which controls erosion and runoff and reduces irrigation needs d. curbing nematodes and fungi and reducing the need for chemical pesticides e. all of the above

4. Remediation can be achieved through compost? a. true b. false

5. Window composting is: a. feeding compostable material into a drum, silo or similar structure where the environmental conditions are controlled closely b. forming large piles of compostables and insulating them with a layer of mature compost c. forming compostables into long piles or rows d. none of the above

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