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Demarian Henderson

Trash Collector in Rowlett, Texas, Goes Viral with Backflip Video

Demarian Henderson’s acrobatics have achieved him internet fame.

Demarian Henderson, a trash collector in Rowlett, Texas, brought a bit of fun to his normal route, and his antics have made him something of a local celebrity.

A homeowner’s surveillance camera caught footage of Henderson emptying bins along his route one morning, along with an impressive backflip that Henderson performed while bouncing on a mattress that someone had thrown out.

The homeowner posted a clip of the feat on Facebook, and its popularity quickly grew, bringing plenty of smiles to the neighborhood and plenty of attention to Henderson.

WFAA has more information:

We didn’t realize that picking up recycling was a full body workout until we met Demarian Henderson.

"It’s not an easy job, even though we make it look easy," said Henderson, who's been working on the back of waste trucks for the last three years. 

Five days a week, he’s working four to five different Rowlett neighborhoods as part of FCC Trash and Recycling. His boundless energy comes with a way of looking at the world you might not expect from your local garbage man.

Read the full story here.

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