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Junk King Palm Beach

Retired Couple Starts Junk Removal Company in Palm Beach, Fla.

Currently, the franchise has two employees and one truck to service about 23 to 30 clients.

Dave and Toni Archer, a retired couple in Palm Beach, Fla., recently decided to come out of retirement (and overcome their boredom) and start a franchise of Junk King Pam Beach.

Currently, the franchise has two employees and one truck to service about 23 to 30 clients. And prices vary depending on how much space in the truck is used. For example, a single item can cost $89, while a full truck can cost $578.

Palm Beach Daily News has more information:

When Palm Beachers need their “junk” hauled away, many call Dave Archer.

Archer, and his wife, Toni, take just about everything, from furniture and appliances to trash and construction material. The Wellington couple recently came out of retirement to start Junk King Palm Beach, a franchisee of the company that bills itself as American’s greenest junk-removal service.

“Residents typically call when they are cleaning out their garage or house, or are completing some renovations,” Dave Archer said. “We are the greenest company in this business. We try to recycle about 60 percent of what we pick up.”

Read the full story here.

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