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Republic Employees Surprise Little Boy with Birthday Present

Republic Employees Surprise Little Boy with Birthday Present

In Lafayette, N.J., 7-year-old Cohen Mahoney received a surprise birthday present from his inspiration: the workers at Republic Services.

After Cohen’s grandmother reached out to Republic asking for a T-shirt, the company decided to give the little boy something he would enjoy even more. A couple of Republic employees showed up at Cohen’s house on his birthday and let him climb inside the truck to check out what the inside of a garage truck really looks like.

Cohen is responsible for the trash and recycling duties at his house, and he takes pride in his tasks.

The Advertiser has more:

A local boy got a special surprise Wednesday morning for his birthday.

His heroes at waste disposal company Republic Services heard he was obsessed with the work they do, so they decided to stop by his Lafayette home.

Each morning that Republic's garbage trucks come through Cohen Mahoney's Lafayette neighborhood, the 7-year-old runs outside as the trucks take the garbage he's collected over the week.

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