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A Look at Waste Management’s Attempts to Improve Upon Deffenbaugh’s Reputation

Waste Management Inc. had some challenges with the integration of a firm it purchased in 2014, but is now finding success.

Waste Management Inc. agreed to buy Deffenbaugh Disposal in 2014, a deal worth more than $400 million that was completed in May 2015.

In the process, they took over a company with a longtime presence in the market, but one whose reputation had flagged in recent years. So as part of the process of integrating the assets into its portfolio, Waste Management had another task at hand in terms of improving service and customer satisfaction. in Kansas City took a look at how that process is unfolding as the two-year anniversary of the deal’s completion draws near.

"We acknowledge the challenges we had during the integration of Waste Management upon the purchase of Deffenbaugh, and what we have really found is that employees are the key to success," said Waste Management community relations manager Paul Howe. "The truck industry has a hard time acquitting drivers, and we definitely bore the brunt of that over the last year."

Howe said Waste Management has hired Moore alongside dozens of drivers and collectors to relieve serious customer complaints like failed pick-ups, sometimes for weeks at a time.

"We really appreciate the patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience they experienced," said Howe. "We have worked hard to make sure we have the right number of people and that they are trained appropriately."

Because while they do handle trash, Waste Management wants to be a treasure in the community.

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