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Hauler in Tennessee Facing Lawsuit for Failing to Collect Waste

Customers are also complaining that they’re still receiving bills.

County Disposal is facing a lawsuit for allegedly failing to collect waste in Rutherford County, Tenn., for several weeks. Yet even as service has stopped, customers are also complaining that they’re still receiving bills. has more:

Kasler signed up for automatic withdrawal through County Disposal, but even after canceling the service and alerting her bank, she was still having money taken out.

She eventually had to cancel her debit card and get a new one.

“People just don't have money laying around to literally throw in the trash can,” Bell said.

Bell said she recorded crews taking back her trash cans with no explanation and then continuing to charge her for the service.

“We have given County Disposal multiple, multiple times to get back with us and refund us money that belongs to us, but they don't, so now it's time for civil action and I will get justice,” Bell said.

Read the full story here.

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