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Van Dyk Installs Glass Cleaning System at Stamford, Conn., Facility

The system is designed to produce a more marketable glass product.

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has completed installation of a new glass cleanup system at City Carting’s Stamford, Conn., single stream facility. The new system is expected to improve recovery of recyclable glass from the existing waste stream.

“This machine was a considerable investment for us, but it looks like it will be well worth it,” said Michael Ferro, general manager of City Carting, in a statement.

The new system is equipped with a double-deck screen and a zigzag separator that first screens out glass in the waste stream and then separates the glass into light and heavy categories. The separator is expected to achieve a 95 percent purity level.

The installation was completed while the facility continued operations and took roughly two weeks, following a discussion between Van Dyk and City Carting to determine the best solution for City Carting’s needs.

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