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South Carolina Winery Launches Glass Recycling Program for Old Bottles

City Scape Winery in Greenville, S.C., is reusing thousands of glass bottles every year.

Debra and Josh Jones of City Scape Winery have launched a glass recycling program for old wine bottles to help keep them from being sent to landfill. Using an FDA-certified method to sterilize and reuse old bottles, the owners estimate they can reuse a bottle up to 15 times before having to finally dispose of it.

City Scape also has done away with traditional paper labels on its bottles, using an etched label instead to save paper. For customers that bring their old bottles back to the winery, City Scape will offer $1 off on their next bottle.

According to Josh Jones, the sterilization process is very simple, taking only three to four seconds per bottle.

Greenville News has more on the story:

Sometimes, you just have to look around and start with yourself, at least that’s the way Debra and Josh Jones see it. That’s why the entrepreneuring couple that owns City Scape Winery have launched a new program that offers a glimmer of solution more than a year after the county’s decision to end glass recycling.

The initiative, if successful, could help City Scape save thousands of glass bottles from the landfill this year.

The program doesn’t so much recycle the bottles as it reuses them. The Joneses now use an FDA-certified method to clean and sterilize each bottle that allows them to re-use each one. And because City Scape no longer uses traditional paper labels, but has shifted to an etched label, bottles can be reused as many as 15 times, Josh says.

Read the full story here.

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